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ECH 150th Anniversary

The year 2005 was the 150th Anniversary of the City of Egg Harbor City, NJ. The Roundhouse Museum became a focal point for the gathering of information leading to the very successful celebration in 2005.

One of the pieces of information is “home movies” of the Centennial Celebration. We ask that anyone having their own movie record of the Centennial consider loaning the film to the museum for transfer to VHS-video and DVD. The videos will be edited by web design Naples FL and combined to produce a visual record of that celebration. This compilation is an ongoing enterprise to make them available for future generations. If you have any old movies of the celebration or other happenings/events of the past in Egg Harbor City, please contact Mark W. Maxwell at 609-965-4677 or by e-mail at vf-6_felix@att.net

The parade saw hundreds of participants with fire-engines from throughout Atlantic County in attendance and we were fortunate to obtain the services once again after 50 years of the last remaining musical organizations that marched in the 1955 celebration. The antics of the Pitman Original Hobo Band and the glitter of the Avalon String Band of Philadelphia once again played out on Philadelphia Ave.

The Egg Harbor City U.S. Census for 1920 and 1930 was entered into our computer. This was a tedious effort to insure the most accurate transcription as entered onto the official records. In addition, the name spelling is being cross-referenced with local tax records of 1920 and variations have been noted. In 1930 there were 3622 names entered into the official records; however, many names of known residents were omitted from the list, probably because they were not present in their homes at the time of the count.

The names of property owners as listed in several tax books have been entered into our computer. Also in the tables are the city of residence of the owners and building types on the lots owned. Originally, much of the real estate was owned by non-residents. As can be surmised by the following table of computerized records, many decided to sell their properties. Their descendents are led to believe they had actually lived in Egg Harbor City while in fact, they were but owners of real estate here.

1862 2224 owners
1870 2397
1880 1503
1900 1553
1905 1626

We also had a time-capsule prepared and asked our visitors to write a note/letter to the future and have them sealed on our grounds for the next 25 years.

The members of the Egg Harbor City Historical Society and the staff of the Roundhouse Museum wish to thank all for their participation in 2005 and hope that the enthusiasm generated then will continue for years to come.