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Whats New?

What’s New?

This page contains information concerning our efforts to keep our website updated. When something new is added, or modified, it will be posted so you don’t have to search the site for new things. The most recently posted item will always appear on top of the list.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please use the “Feedback Form” to let us know what you want included/added to the site and your thoughts about the site. Just click on the link below. Our Feedback Page
Mayor P.M. Wolsieffer Memorial

In early 2010 it was announced that the final resting place of Egg Harbor City’s first mayor, Philip Mathias Wolsieffer has been located in an unmarked grave in Lawnview Cemetery, Rockledge, PA. The members of the society approved the production of a memorial stone for the Wolsieffer family interred there. This was an especially emotional meeting for member Helen Young, who is the great-grand-daughter of P.M. Wolsieffer and sister of PEACE PILGRIM. The headstone was created and donated by the Sarceno Funeral Home of Egg Harbor City and a formal placing of the stone took place with four generations of Wolsieffer descendants present. Helene continues to be an active member after celebrating her 100th birthday this year (2015). Visit www.findagrave.com for photos.
Added on July 4, 2013
Historical Display at Dr. Smith’s Site

The museum has an outdoor photographic display with period photographs taken at the Dr. Smith’s Neutral Water Health Resort. The purpose of this display is to provide pedestrians with some information about the site before them and also to invite them into the museum. The color display is attached to the London Ave. footbridge across Landing Creek. The display is a fiberglass-backed display on laminated plastic that is not prone to the water damage.

The display design was prepared by James & Mark Maxwell, Sr. and executed by The Gotham Group, a Winsome Digital Company of Egg Harbor Township.
Added on July 17, 2012
Major Acquisitions and the Stockinger Donation

In 2014, the society lost one of our earliest supporters with the passing of Tom Costa. We were truly surprised when we learned that his estate presented us with $25,000.

In late September, 2013 the museum received the donation of a number of items from the Mather-Ohnmeiss family, including many photographs not seen at the museum before, doll furniture made by Robert Ohnmeiss in the 1870s, clothing and personal items of Thomas T Mather, III and several Ohnmeiss family members.

In early March 2013, the museum received a donation of an Albrecht up-right piano that had been in the Egg Harbor City Public Schools since at least 1935, serving in School #1 (The Pike School) and the Buffalo Avenue/Charles L. Spragg School.

In July 2012, a significant piece of Egg Harbor City history became available to the museum. The original music cabinet of the Aurora Singing Society has been obtained from a local resident whose family has had it since the Aurora Hall was torn down. This is used to hold many of our music related items including a 50-year celebration book of the Aurora singing society (dated 1907) and a reproduction copy of an original work for pianoforte by P.M. Wolsieffer (the founder of the Aurora Singing Society) entitled “Bridgeport Rondo” and dated 1838, recordings of various high school concerts and the headstone ceremony for P.M. Wolsieffer.

At the annual dinner meeting of the Egg Harbor City Historical Society in July, 2009, it was announced that the Roundhouse Museum was a beneficiary of the Herbert Stockinger Trust and had received $18,500. Mr. Stockinger was a former member and had moved to California. These funds were used to purchase an OPTOMA projector for use with our computer systems that will make Powerpoint presentations and other computer projects on a large screen in the museum or take our museum “on the road” easy in a 10 x 10 tent for use at outdoor events.
Added on July 17, 2012
Our computer system at work….

The museum computer is always adding a new dimension to its support of local history and aid its visitors’ quest for information. Many times a visitor would ask if the musuem has a photograph of a relative or their house. Many times we have been able to answer their request rather quickly, but addition of more material makes that task more daunting every day.
Our photographs are now captioned before storage in a large file folder. Names of persons identified in these photographs are constantly being added to a spreadsheet that contains active hyperlinks to open the photographs. Presently there are over 3100 names in the list, many of which appear in multiple photographs dating back to the 1880s. A large number of names/photos have been added by donations of early photographs from Zion’s Lutheran Church, historic material from the C. Raymond Kears and Mather families. As part of this project, all 15 issues of the LAUREL, the yearbook of Egg Harbor City High School, have been digitally scanned into our computer and the teachers and seniors are being added to the “people” files. DVD copies of the yearbooks have been made and donated to the school libraries at the Community School, Cedar Creek H.S., Absegami H.S. and Oakcrest H.S. DVD copies will be available for purchase at the museum.
In addition, a hyperlinked spreadsheet has been created to show photographs of local points of interest by location or names/types of the location.
The museum is making prints available as hard-copy prints on photo-grade papers or on CD-rom at a nominal cost. Visit the museum and look at the past. Maybe you can help identify even more people that remain unknown in our archives.

The newspaper project previously described, dates and page numbers of scanned newspapers have active hyper-links to each listed page that opens in Photoshop and allows magnification and movement throughout the entire page.

Another spreadsheet uses the Obituary Files taken from The NEWS. Many times visitors ask directions to a family cemetery site, but our newest printed source was from 1980. A computerized index is nearing completion as an Excel spreadsheet and can be viewed from one of our Interesting Site links. This file has been created through the joint efforts of members Dennis Kolb, Kathy Gad-Stadtmueller and Mark Maxwell. We have reconciled our listing of the original 8 blocks with the records of the City Clerk’s Cemetery Interment Records to provide a list on those who do not have headstones and provided a copy of the spreadsheet listing to the City Clerk. This spreadsheet includes additional names not present in the very early records, photographs of the lots and color coded discrepancies between the records and what is found in the cemetery. The museum also digitally scanned the existing maps of the various sections, a copy of which has being given to the City Clerk. Additionally, this data is being added to the city’s cemetery site at www.FindAGrave.com
The museum has also produced reproductions of early “picture postcards” and documents (Miss Doell’s 1955 history of Egg Harbor City, Dr. Smith’s health resort advertising booklet).

And finally, a huge undertaking was begun to create a set of spreadsheets of all listed properties in the early tax books. Each spreadsheet will be by decade, showing the owner’s name, individual block and lot numbers and the page of the particular annual tax-book viewed. Currently, the years 1862, 1863, 1864, 1870, 1871 and 1872. This has made our searches by computer thousands of times faster and reduce the wear and tear on these old books, many of which are falling apart and have been repaired.
Added on July 17, 2012
Local Author’s Book focuses on the Roundhouse & EHC

Local author and society member Roy Carl Weiler, Sr. published a couple romance novels. The first was “Secrets of the Museum” and prominently features a photograph of the Roundhouse Museum on its cover. The story focuses on a terminally ill Cynthia Dobbs who refuses to give up. Family lore relates to her grandmother’s miraculous cure at Dr. Smith’s health spa, so she returns to Egg Harbor City in search of “The Doctor Book” and its secrets. His second book, “White Ivory from the Museum” features the house of many names (Planer, Fehrer, Pfeiffer, Civil War Veterans Orphange, et al) on the cover.

Autographed copies of the books are available at the museum. Believing in the mission of the EHCHS, he is donating a portion of his royalties from the sale of each book to the upkeep of the Roundhouse Museum.

Roy also produced a second cookbook. Since Egg Harbor City has also been known as the Wine City, this book features recipes that call for wine in their preparation.
Added on July 17, 2012
Books About Egg Harbor City are still Available!.

The 2008 “Egg Harbor City” Arcadia Publishing, Inc. book has done quite well for the historical society. With the exception of monies needed to meet income tax requirements, all royalties have been given to the treasury of the society.

We would like to thank our supporters that allowed us to copy their old photos (pre-1960) for inclusion in our archives and use in the book “Egg Harbor City” that focuses on the first 100 years. The first book signing took place at the Roundhouse Museum on 17FEB2010. Purchasing this book at the museum directly supports the historical society and maintains the Roundhouse Museum as the entire purchase price goes to the museum itself. Many good reviews have been received.

A second historical book has been produced the features the works of and early local photographer, Max Kirscht, by another member of the historical society. The Kirscht Studios of Egg Harbor City and later Atlantic City produced hundreds of images of local people and places in and around Egg Harbor City, Pleasantville and Port Republic. As with the aforementioned Egg Harbor City book, autographed copies are available at the museum and sales here benefit the museum directly.
Added on July 17, 2012
Digitization Grant

The Egg Harbor City Historical Society and the Atlantic County Library was jointly awarded a grant in 2005 to digitize various documents that relate to the “German Experience” in America. These documents include immigration records, early EHC tax records and newspapers. The projected plans to digitize “The NEWS” (1928 through 1935) and some early tax books from 1862 to 1900 were scaled back due to the high cost of producing Metadata files. The newspaper files were to be converted to searchable PDF files and placed on the New Jersey Digital Highway (NJDH). An alphabetical index of the 1862 tax book has been prepared and the tax book is on the website. There are also old photographs and U.S. Declarations of Intent that have been placed on the NJDH. Many photographic holdings of the museum have also been placed on the NJDH.

In 2009, we opened a package of rolled Egg Harbor Pilot-Tribune newspapers from 1921 and 1922 and began to digitally archive the images of their front pages and interesting items. A lot of forgotten material has been brought to light again with each new page we viewed. The opening of the “new” White Horse Pike with its Welcome Arch, Atlantic County OKs paving Philadelphia Avenue with Warrenite, Egg Harbor City Hospital opens its doors, preparation begins for the construction of a new school on Philadelphia Avenue. Also interesting is an item titled: “What happened 50 years ago.”
Added on January 7, 2009

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